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“I am at loss of words

Every bride should know that the photographer is the most important vendor to book for her wedding. I came to know about William through one of my close friends who is in the wedding industry. I fell in love with his work immediately after looking at his portfolio. Him and his second shooter were also so much fun and we honestly had a blast shooting our engagement pictures as well as the wedding pictures. I am at a loss of words to describe how amazing of a photographer he is. He gorgeously captured the story of our wedding day from start to finish. His attention to details and the way he captures the moments that I did not even know existed amazed me. I could not take my eyes off our wedding pictures and can’t help but have the biggest smile on my face. He is a true artist and knows what he is doing. If you haven’t met William and gotten a chance to look at his portfolio, you are missing out. I am so happy that William was able to shoot our wedding. If I could do the wedding festivities a thousand times over, I would book William each and every single time.

Sunitha & Larry

“The Best Photographer Ever!

When I first met William I felt an instant connection right away and made the decision to book him without any hesitation. No words can describe why, but I told my fiancé he is the one. I wanted this day to be captured as a great memory of one of the most important days of my life, guess what, it was. William was professional, genuine and powerfully low key. He made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. His photos tell a story without even using words. The famous reaction of everyone is “I didn’t even know how took that picture, where was he?”The turn-around on our pictures was amazing! We received all of our pictures 3 days after our wedding. The quality of the pictures were great and can’t believe how they turn out. You would think they belong in a magazine.

So, my advice: If you want the best wedding pictures and unforgettable service, William is the one! You will not regret it.”

Julie & Hector


“Simply the Best

When my daughter asked me to look at Mr. Bichara’s work for consideration, I agreed, thinking it would be first in a line of possible photographers. I knew she valued my opinion being a lover of photography myself. Barely through his portfolio, I called her and said, “He’s your guy, no doubt about it.”

The engagement pictures were fantastic, creative, and perfect, but………the wedding and the wedding preparations, flawless, emotion capturing, personal, and candid. I must say above and beyond any work I have seen. You never even knew he was there, but the moments he captured so perfectly made it seem that he was right there in the moment with you. Hard to explain, you just have to see for yourself.

I think probably one of the most important things about William’s work is the relationship he built with my daughter and how at ease he made her feel. He can even make you look beautiful when you are crying, and THAT is truly amazing. Thank you so much, William, on the most important day of my daughter’s life. PS She’s not always easy to please!”

Mother of the Bride for the Wedding of Megan & Cody


“Simply Stunning

From start to finish William is the very definition of professional.

William effortlessly blends into the background when required, and yet appears instantly to spread joy amongst the guests.

The pictures are beyond description and capture the essence of the wedding perfectly. The traditional shots to the creative expressions all tell the story of an incredible day.

Having worked with a myriad of professional photographers in my career and family life, including those from National Geographic, I can honestly say William is at the very peak of the photographic realm.

If you are considering hiring the photographer for your wedding do not consider anyone except William. I guarantee he will exceed your expectations and all while blending stunning photographs with a vivacious personality that makes him simply perfect.”

Maid of Honor for the Wedding of Ji Young & Moon




“What can we say about William? From the beginning he is a consummate professional. He met with us early on to go over all the details, what was included in the package, and what his style was. It gave us a clear indication of what to expect and what to look forward to. During our Engagement Photo session he was very creative in using the surroundings and made the experience light-hearted and enjoyable. We aren’t models but William made us feel like we were and helped us relax so that the photos came out more genuine.

We had seen the quality of work William has done before for other friends and family members’ weddings, and he definitely did not disappoint for our wedding. Coming from an Indian background our weddings tend to be all-day events. On the day of the wedding William provided multiple photographers to capture both sides getting ready at their respective houses and his crew stayed engaged throughout the ceremony and the reception. In total it was probably about 15 hours worth of continuous work.

About a week after the wedding William had all the photos ready to go and we have received numerous compliments about how great the photos turned out. We’ve already dropped Mr. Bichara’s name to anyone that has asked who our awesome photographer was and we will continue to recommend William to any and all family and friends that are tying the knot. Thanks William!”

Anula & Sminu


wedding shot by dallas wedding photographer william bichara

“Round of Applause

There are truly no words to express how grateful I am to Mr. William Bichara and his extraordinary talent! I knew that I wanted William to capture my wedding moments the second I visited his portfolio. He was the special eye I hoped for! This above all would be the lasting memories to such a beautiful day full of joy and laughter. William was professional, polite and powerfully low key. He made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. The wedding party has all claimed him to be a ninja like photographer because while he is there the entire time…it’s like he’s not. He’s invisible. Only when you receive your picture files do you see his phenomenal work. I would recommend him to any bride. William was there from the beginning of the day while I was getting ready with my 6 bridesmaids until the moment the last sparkler burnt out. Many many heartfelt thanks are in order! I’ll be sure to purchase his album as I know it’ll be amazing! Signed…The Flower Bride!”

Megan & Cody

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“My Dream Wedding Came True!

Writing a review to express our gratitude and appreciation for William Bichara is the least I could do. I had no idea that our wedding planner had picked the ‘cream of the crop’ photographer for our special day. Little did I know I was blessed and fortunate to have a person that is truly a passionate and real artist.

On our big day, William Bichara was so dedicated to capturing every special moment and detail from smile, laugh, tear, kiss and simply true emotions. He is exquisitely talented with his timing of all the shots. His pictures are a storybook. He will walk you through the whole night, with timeless images, with unique shots and angles that no other photographer has ventured in doing.

He has the ability, which comes very natural to him, to connect with the people, regardless of ethnic background or culture. He adapts easily to what is happening in that moment. Pure joy, happiness and excitement literally pop out of his images.

After all, once your wedding day has come to an end, all your really have and need are those memorable images that speak louder than words. That is the reason why William will be our one and only photographer for all that life brings our way!”

Hala & Chris

dallas wedding photographer

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“I Know Who My Wedding Photographer Will Be

I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding and I saw William in action from a front row seat. From the moment it all began, the preparation, the bride & groom getting-ready, on the road to the ceremony and throughout the whole wedding day, William was there. Never have I seen a photographer so devoted to his mission of capturing every significant moment of a wedding. He more than delivers on his promise to document every emotion, every detail and every motion that adds meaning to the wedding story he’s trying to tell. Most remarkable is William’s knack to put the bride and groom at ease and have them go about their wedding without stressing about their pictures. He does his job so smoothly, he’s not intrusive or pushy in any way and is consistently very courteous and professional.

The best part about having William as your wedding photographer comes after the wedding. When looking through the final pictures, not only will you re-live the wedding with images that are so alive and fascinating, you also see it form a whole new angle. You see shots of things you can’t believe you missed, beautifully captured and signifying a full spectrum of emotion. It’s very much like going through a cinema roll of a glorious love story … with a very happy and heartwarming ending.

I still don’t know who my prince charming will be, but I do know who my future wedding photographer is going to be. I cannot imagine a more charming story book for any wedding than that captured by William Bichara.”

Maid of Honor for the Wedding of Ascile & Samer


“Thank You, William Bichara!

William Bichara is by far the BEST photographer. Not just in Dallas, but the best period. I knew he was the one for us when I randomly stumbled across his blogs a few months before my engagement. I fell in love with everything I was seeing and called him immediately.
What I liked most about William is how friendly he was over the phone. I was heartbroken to hear that he was already booked up for my engagement event date (because he is the BOMB and gets booked up quickly) but I knew I needed him for the wedding 6 months later.

As for the engagement event, I had some RANDOM lady photograph the event and the pictures came out terrible. So I was really excited that I had William for the wedding. Because pictures really are the most important part.When my mother and I met William, we felt like he was family. He was so kind to us, showed us his work, never pressured us, and never gave us the impression that he was “all that and a bag of chips”. Basically William is incredibly humble. He also worked with us on the pricing of the package and gave us an awesome AWESOME deal.

Fast forward 6 months to the wedding- William and Nam (his sidekick photographer) were so fun to have at all 4 of my events. My pictures are so amazing and it looks like one big flowing story. They captured ALL OF THE BEST MOMENTS! Seriously. They captured every grin and every small detail. I have the best candid shots!

I’ll have to say- the day of my wedding, william’s son had a skate boarding accident and had to go to the ER to get stitched up. Regardless of going through something so traumatic, William showed up on my big day with a smile and lots of jokes. He’s an amazing guy and the best photographer. He delivered BIG TIME.

We’ve made him the official family photographer for every important moment that’s worthy of a celebration! We can’t wait to have him photograph my sister’s wedding this November!”

Mehreen & Frazad

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“A Fantastic Experience

Professionalism and talent. If I had to describe William Bichara those are the two words I would use. We had the pleasure of having William shoot both our engagement and our wedding.

He arrived ahead of time to talk us through the whole process, answered all our questions and concerns, and made us feel comfortable instantly. William is a fantastic photographer and a down to earth guy’s guy. I took an instant liking to him as a person which made the sessions fun, and from the first couple of shots we could sense that something special was in the making.

He was accurate with the delivery time and the best part was finally seeing the outcome. We were blown away with the results! Each photograph was an exceptional translation of the emotion that surrounded this special period of our lives. He was able to capture the love, the laughter and the intimacy my bride and I share and we were beyond thrilled about the decision to work with him.

I recommend William to any couple that wants a unique and memorable wedding album they can enjoy and proudly show their grandchildren one day.”

Ascile & Samer


 “Father of the Bride

WOW is all I can say!

Without your guiding touch – we could not have fulfilled my daughter’s dream of a wedding. I have viewed the pictures on your website and you captured EVERY detail beautifully for a Jewish wedding. You are amazing – the photographs taken are breathtaking. In fact, I do not ever remember you being there when some of the photographs were taken. BUT, I guess that is my you are a master at your craft – there but, not there.”

Father of the Bride for the Wedding of Pamela & Ian

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